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What Is Hypnotherapy Used For?

What Is Hypnotherapy And Is It Safe?


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If you're struggling to make changes with your conscious mind, then it's because there is an ongoing battle with your unconscious.

Hypnotherapists utilise hypnosis to help their clients overcome a wide range of issues and symptoms. During hypnosis you will experience a sense of detachment from the outside world and the critical, analytical part of the mind, allowing the hypnotherapist to engage with your subconscious mind to make desirable changes.

Hypnotherapy can help with weight loss, smoking cessation, emotional pain, fears and phobias, self-esteem, confidence and more.

It is incredibly safe - in fact you go in and out of trance states all day long. Hypnosis is a natural experience, so there's nothing to be afraid of at all.

History Of Hypnosis

Hypnosis has been practiced long before the term was coined by James Braid, named after the Greek god of sleep. Almost every culture has used trance in some capacity or the other. 

During the 19th century, many surgeons in England actually used hypnosis as a form of anaesthetic. Incredible to think what the mind can achieve - to block out pain while undergoing surgery!

But this fell out of favour when ethanol was discovered. However, there has been a recent surge of interest in the medical applications of hypnosis. Studies show there are far fewer side effects from using hypnosis to anaesthetise the subject, with much faster rates of recovery after surgery.

Does Hypnotherapy Actually Work?

It's very common for clients to enter the treatment room with a healthy dose of scepticism about the efficacy of hypnotherapy. Many people's experience is limited to what they witness in a stage show.

Many believe it's just people acting out suggestions rather than actually experiencing the suggestions as if they are happening to them.

Many studies have been carried out that demonstrate the effectiveness of hypnotherapy for stress, anxiety, depression, phobias and more.

In fact, the British Medical Association, and American Medical Association have recognised the efficacy of hypnosis since the 1950's.

Much research has been carried out in and out of controlled laboratories all of which demonstrate that hypnotherapy is an effective method to help alleviate neurosis.

What Happens When You See A Hypnotherapist?

When you arrive, you will have a chat with your therapist about what you want to achieve in your sessions. A well trained hypnotherapist will ask questions that will help clarify where you are now and where you want to be, without your problems.

They will then utilise a number of technique at their disposal to help you let go of unhelpful thoughts and feelings and create new, desirable attitudes and behaviours to help you overcome your presenting problems.

Hypnosis will be used to communicate with your subconscious mind. The hypnotic state can be deeply relaxing and you may or may not remember everything.

The number of sessions will vary as each person progresses at their own rate.

What To Do Next?

If you're interested in finding out more from one of the leading hypnotherapists in Bristol, give Greg a call and book a free phone consultation with him.

He will listen carefully to what your situation is and determine if he can help. There's no pressure at all and if he believes he can help and you're a good fit, then he will advise you as to what the next steps are.

It's then up to you as to whether you want to proceed or not.

If all else has failed, it's because you're working against yourself and your powerful subconscious mind is being over-protective.

Everyone has the ability to change because they all have the answers within. 

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Why I Decided To Set Up My Hypnotherapy Service In Bristol

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What Happens To Your Body When You Stop Smoking?

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How To Be Confident

Write down and recognize your talents and good qualities. Always try to pat yourself no matter how things turn out badly. Better focus on your good qualities and don’t be perceived by your flaws to boost the way you see your self-worth. Think of your total personality in all aspects from looks, talents and social life.

Think of the obstacles of having confidence. Write down everything that are keeping you away from becoming confident. It can be friends, time management, bad background and etc. After that, ask yourself whether it’s valid or logical? Are these only assumptions? Answers would only be yes or no. Now, does it make sense for your self-worth?

Everyone struggles with confidence, remember that. There are a few people who could manage on hiding it but everyone else have struggled on being confident at some point in their life. So you are not alone.

Confidence is not a singular achievement it’s a process. Soon as you have it, it’s not yet the finished line. We always have to move forward since everyday is another starting point for every progress. Keep going to resolve the remaining hurdles of life.

You were born with it. It’s not Maybelline. It really isn’t. It’s the society that made you feel what you feel. It was learned but they can also be unlearned.

Take things out of your head to make progress. Take the past out of your head and focus on what you have to do in the present. Just stop making those thoughts inside your head swirl around you.

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